COOKish (Hardcover) | Christopher Kimball

It’s not cooking. It’s Cookish. Cookish is a fresh take on fast food at home. Six ingredients. Minutes, not hours. Fresh, bold flavors for any night of the week. Here at Milk Street we make this possible by traveling the world to find new ingredient combinations and new cooking techniques that make Cookish possible. And these recipes are so simple that we say, “Make a Cookish recipe once and you can easily make it again, without the recipe.” And when we say big flavor, we mean it. Charred Ginger-Lime Chicken, Turmeric Potatoes with Red Onion and Chutney, Coconut-Cilantro Rice, Pasta with Parmesan Cream, Salmon in Chipotle-Tomato Sauce, Spice-Crusted Pork Tenderloin Bites, and Swedish “Sticky” Coffee Cake to name just a few. You also get dozens of “Cookish Basics”, basic recipes that you can make over and over, using our suggested flavor variations. This is the cookbook you have been looking for.Recipes that deliver big flavors fast, not with tricks or gimmicks, but with solid cooking techniques and flavor combinations from around the world. Big flavor in minutes not hours. That’s the promise of Cookish.